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Improving Soil Fumigation Techniques and Fumigation Alternatives in Red Raspberry 
SmallFruits 086 Evaluating the Role of Boron in Enhancing Fruit Set of Highbush Blueberry
By L.W. DeVetter and M. Arrington
 Bee Improving Pollination and Fruit Set in Highbush Blueberry 
By L.W. DeVetter, R. Sagili, T. Lawrence, S. Watkinson, and M. Arrington
20160621_131429 Comparison of Alternate- and Every-Year Production in Summer-Bearing Red Raspberry

By. L.W. DeVetter and S. Galinato

Planting.Day1.4 Efficacy of Humic Acid Amendments in Promoting Root Health in Red Raspberry
By L.W. DeVetter, D. Bryla, and L. Valenzuela
BDM.Picture Chemical Migration of Biodegradable Mulches and Effects on Fruit Quality in Strawberry Production Systems
By L.W. DeVetter, C. Miles, and S. Sablani
SmallFruits 063 Determining Blueberry Cold Hardiness in Washington
By G. Hoheisel, L.W. DeVetter, M. Salazar, and G. Hoogenboom
Scale-Neutral Harvest-Aid System and Sensor Technologies to Improve Harvest Efficiency and Handling of Fresh Market Blueberries
Collaborator on USDA-SCRI project proposal


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