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Biodegradable Mulches in Small Fruit Production Systems

We have been exploring the application of biodegradable paper and plastic mulches in small fruit production systems since 2014. Our current trans disciplinary and collaborative research is focused on the application of biodegradable plastic mulches in tissue culture (TC) red raspberry for weed management and improved establishment. Research from our program addressing the application of biodegradable plastic mulches in spring-planted day-neutral strawberry is published (see below) and trials in fall-planted day-neutral strawberry are pending.

Fact Sheets and Trade Publications

Scientific Publications (available upon request)

  • DeVetter, L.W., H. Zhang, S. Ghimire, and C.A. Miles. 2017. Plastic biodegradable mulches reduce weeds and promote crop growth in day-neutral strawberry in western Washington. HortScience 52:1700-1706. Cover article.
  • C.A., Miles, S. Ghimire, L.W. DeVetter, and D. Hayes. 2017. Suitability of biodegradable plastic mulches for organic and sustainable agricultural production. HortScience 2(1):10-15.

Additional Resources

VIDEO – Huan Zhang’s (M.S. Student) video on data collection for the spring-planted BDM project

Data Collection for Spring-Planted Raspberry BDM Trial

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