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Welcome to the WSU Small Fruit Horticulture (SFH) program!

The focus of the SFH program is whole-plant physiology of small fruit crops in response to alternative management systems designed to promote plant productivity, fruit quality, on-farm efficiencies, and the health of adjacent natural resources within the diverse conditions of the Pacific Northwest.This website is a resource providing production and programmatic information, as well as research and extension updates.

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The Washington State University Northwestern Research and Extension Center (WSU NWREC) was established in 1947. You can learn more about WSU NWREC by visiting the center’s website.   The center recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its Agricultural Research & Technology Building (ARTB), which was constructed with partnership between WSU and the surrounding agricultural community in northwest Washington.

Berry Crops and Flooding

Severe Flooding of Blueberry Fields in southwester British Columbia and northwestern Washington (pdf)

Mulch Technologies

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High Bush Blueberry

A field of High Bush Blueberries
Our High Bush Blueberry Research

Floricane Red Rasberry

A cluster of Floricane Red Rasberries
Our Red Rasberry Research


A cluster of ripe and unripe strawberries

 Our Strawberry Research