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Red Raspberry

A cluster of red raspberries on the plant.Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) is a perennial crop from the Rose family.  Washington is a national leader in production and is responsible for approximately 95% of processed red raspberry production.  Aggregate fruits (“berries”) develop on biennial canes that arise from a  perennial root system.  Canes are vegetative during their first year of growth and are referred to as primocanes.  Primocanes develop flower/fruit buds that overwinter and produce a crop the subsequent season. These overwintered flowering/fruiting canes are referred to as floricanes.

After harvest, floricanes are removed and the next cycle of primocanes are selected for production.  Some types of raspberries produce a crop on primocanes and are referred to as fall-bearing or primocane-fruiting raspberries.  The majority of production in Washington state and within the Pacific Northwest is from summer-bearing or floricane-fruiting raspberries.

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