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A cluster of ripe and unripe strawberries on the plant.Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) is a favorite among perennial fruit crops due to its aromatic and flavorful berries.  Strawberry plants do not produce a true berry, but rather an aggregate accessory fruit.  Interestingly, the true fruits of strawberry are the tiny “seeds” that stud the red flesh.  Modern strawberry is a cross between F. virginiana and F. chiloensis and are categorized as being June-bearing, day-neutral, or everbearing.  June-bearing strawberries develop overwintering flower/fruit buds in the late summer/fall, when daylength shortens and temperatures begin to cool.  These buds overwinter, flower, and fruit during a concentrated period in June the following year.  Day-neutral strawberry develops flowers and fruits without regard for daylength and thereby have an extended period of harvest.  Everbearing types are similar to day-neutrals, except their harvest season is limited to early and late summer.